You wouldn’t fill your car up with kerosene. So why take an adulterated nutritional supplement?

A well-respected nutritional supplement brand conducted tests on some other supplements being sold on Amazon. The results may surprise you. For the study, NOW, a nutritional supplement company based in Bloomindale, IL, tested 23 unfamiliar brands of turmeric extract sold on Amazon. When tested for heavy metals (the toxin – not the music), the average of the 23 products were 525 percent higher than NOW’s products. Two products were 20 times higher than NOW’s products and above the California Prop 65 limits for Lead.

Adulteration was also a problem. The test revealed that four of these 23 brands were spiked with fossil fuel derived organic carbon. In other words, instead of using 95% standardized turmeric extract like NOW uses, these brands use synthetic curcumin derived from petrochemicals.

You can learn more about the study here:

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