What’s In A Name?

What’s in a Name? Well, plenty if you’re planning on building a brand around it. A client with a new line of unique jewelry came to us to help her with developing the brand. Most jewelry lines have similar strategies, and bear the names of their designers. But the client didn’t want that. She wanted a unique brand name and a unique strategy: she wanted her brand to be about giving.

Our first task was consumer research. Then, after gaining some target market insight, we crafted a positioning statement. Then we began developing concepts for names that communicate giving while evoking the feeling of ladies’ jewelry. We presented the client with different name options, all of which were available for a U.S. trademark. She chose the name Givesse® (pronounced with a soft G). We created the word Givesse by combining give with largesse. The client applied for and received the U.S. trademark.


The next step was the logo. The brief asked that the logo be chic and timeless. We complied by using a typeface with thin, open letterforms, and by using all upper case. Then we subtly modified the letter E to give the logo some distinction. We also designed a symbol that could be used with or without the logo.

givesse logo

You can learn more about this new brand here: https://bentleybrands.com/our-work/givesse/

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