The FDA’s Read the Label Outreach Campaign

The FDA has created a wonderful youth outreach program to help young people make healthy food choices. It’s called Read the Label and is aimed at kids ages 9 to 13, their families and health organizers. Information can be found on the FDA’s web site (a link is provided below).

The resources for kids are fun and easy to use. First, you can watch a short video that explains things like serving sizes, calories, good nutrients and bad nutrients (cholesterol, saturated fat, etc). It also explains the % DV information found on nutrition labels. Then, you can download and print a fun infographic sheet to use as a reference. The downloadable tools also include a fun word-search game and a song called, Dishin’ the Nutrition Rap.

The Read the Label page also features resources for parents and health educators.

You can visit the page here:

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