Say G’day to a New Brand of Collagen

Our industrial-age diet is deficient in many nutrients, one of which is collagen. In pre-industrial times we consumed more collagen because it’s abundant in soups, stews, and broth, which we ate more of back then. Collagen is beneficial for healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints. Complete Collagen Complex developed an Austailian-sourced, liquid shot formula to be taken as a dietary supplement. They asked us to design the packaging.

There were some physical considerations of this packaging design. First, we helped them evaluate some different bottle shapes for this 2-ounce shot-sized bottle, choosing one that feels the most natural. Then we had to consider the production requirements of the shrink-film label that would wrap this bottle. Finally, we needed to ensure compliance with the FDA specifications on this label that measures less than 3” high.

The client also had a few requirements. We had to emphasize the three main points of differentiation of their collagen: it’s sourced from Australia, it’s non-GMO, and it’s made from grass-fed beef. We presented several design alternatives and ended up with the one shown below.

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photo of collagen bottles
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