Recent Work – Color Garden Press Kit

Color Garden is a brand of natural, 100% plant-based food colors for consumers who enjoy baking. They asked us to design their new press kit folder. In most cases, Color Garden would ship the folder with a sample box of food colors. There would be some occasions, however, when they would ship it without the sample. So there were two requirements for this project. First, it would need some sort of structure to hold one sample box of their food color, which measures 2.25” wide by 4” tall by 1” deep. Second, for those instances when a sample would not be shipped, the folder would need to be folded flat and mailed as a normal press kit folder.

Our solution was this folder with a die-cut window in the front panel. Each folder comes with an insert. The insert has a small outline of a rectangle. Inside the rectangle is a strip of tape. To attach the box, you simply peel away the backing of the tape and press the box down. Then the insert with the box attached fits into the inside pocket and the box fits through the die-cut window. When the press kit is needed without the sample box, you simply turn the insert over, place it into the pocket, and the printed graphic shows through the window.

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