Putting More Play in Display

ColorMaker needed a display to showcase their plant-based natural color brand at an upcoming trade show. They had a small budget and wanted something they could set up themselves without having to hire the convention center’s GSC (general service contractor). Included in their 10’ by 10’ space was a table with a height of 42”, so the display needed to work on the tabletop. They also wanted the display materials to fit on a 32” by 48” pallet they would be using to ship samples, marketing collateral, etc.

Our solution was a set of 18” wide by 36” high banner stands. When retracted they would fit on the pallet. When displayed they would fit nicely on the 42” high table without extending beyond the height of the back curtain. To give the client a visual on how this would all come together, we drew a 3D illustration of the space we were envisioning. Then we designed and brokered the banner stands.

When the client arrived at the convention center, they easily set up the banner stands. Their finishing touch was renting plants and bringing in fresh flowers. The result was a colorful, inviting space that was conducive to meeting with customers and showcasing their products.

Bentley Brands is a brand communications firm that helps clients in the natural products industry grow their brands through unique, effective and highly personalized services.

illustration of trade show booth
Illustration of booth concept
photo of finished trade show booth
Photo of finished booth
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