CLIENT: Color Garden

PROJECT: ColorMaker has been supplying natural, plant-based food colors to the business-to-business channel for many years. Their customers include manufacturers of packaged foods and sauces, bakeries and beverage companies. Recently, they decided to market their product to the consumer for the first time. They called on us to help them.

Our first task was consumer research. We conducted focus groups with the target audience. As we expected, the groups were enthusiastic about the natural, 100% plant-based attribute. What we didn’t anticipate was that the name of the company, ColorMaker, did not sound natural. We presented our insight and positioning statement to the client along with some recommendations, which included creating a new brand name.

The client agreed, and so our next task was a naming study. With this process, we created a long list of names and checked each name for trademark availability. Then we narrowed down the list to several names with preliminary trademark availability. We presented this list to the client. They chose Color GardenTM and applied for the trademark.

Our next project was the design of the packaging. The brief mandated that the packaging be fun and colorful. We obliged by using bright primary hues and whimsical typefaces. One constraint was the very small physical size of the package. This is where the scale and proportion of the design elements are critical. Now that it’s finished, our small package packs a big punch on the retail shelf.

CLIENT: AUM Nutritionals

PROJECT: AUM Nutritionals approached us with a formulation and a dream. They wanted to launch a new brand of probiotic supplement that would be made with certified organic ingredients. Our first step was to conduct consumer research. Then we designed the brand identity and packaging. Next, we art directed the photo shoot and did the composite image. Finally, we listed the product on Amazon. This included writing the bullet points, search terms and descriptions. The initial reaction was positive, resulting in 19 orders in the first 2 months of the listing.

CLIENT: Nuevo Grille

PROJECT: Nuevo Grille provides frozen Mexican foods that are restaurant quality. They wanted a new look that communicates bold, flavorful, all natural Mexican food. In the frozen food category, packaging design is critical to attracting new customers. To accomplish this, we emphasized professional food styling and photography, along with bold typographical treatments and warm colors.

CLIENT: La Terra Fina

PROJECT: La Terra Fina makes fresh dips that are sold in the refrigerated section of grocery stores. Their brand stands for freshness, flavor and quality. They asked us to help them communicate these attributes. In the design process, we discovered that the ingredients, artichokes and jalapenos, have more visual impact than the finished product. So we art-directed the photography of a plate with an ensemble of these ingredients. This became our main visual element.

CLIENT: Nuevo Grille

PROJECT: In our label design system for this line of fresh refrigerated tamales, we wanted to ensure a distinct visual separation for each of the three varieties of tamales while maintaining a cohesive branded look for the entire line. To accomplish this, we art-directed each ensemble on a different color of plate: yellow for chicken, red for beef and green for green chile and cheese. Then we matched the colors of the label graphics to the colors on the plates.

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