CLIENT: Color Garden

PROJECT: We designed this press kit folder with a die-cut window and an insert with a strip of adhesive tape so the client could attach a product sample and send it in a standard FedEx envelope.

CLIENT: OptiPure

PROJECT: OptiPure supplies ingredients to the nutritional supplements industry. Prior to retaining us, each piece of their marketing collateral looked different. We simplified it and unified the brand message with this modular sales sheet system.

CLIENT: Cyvex Nutrition

PROJECT: We designed this eight-page product brochure for Cyvex Nutrition, as part of our rebranding of the company.

CLIENT: Cyvex Nutrition

PROJECT: We designed this set of sales sheets with quick facts and product imagery on the front, and technical specifications on the back.

CLIENT: Nourished Foods

PROJECT: As part of our rebranding of Nourished Foods, we created a visual motif consisting of hand-painted grass with a blue-sky background. Then we used this motif in the design of a brochure and a web site.

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