OptiPure Chooses Bentley Brands to Launch New Natural Product

While we have long known that body fat is linked with numerous health risks, scientists have recently identified and begun to understand two different types of fat: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat just below the skin. Visceral fat is located inside the abdomen next to the body’s organs. This fat is of particular concern because of its proximity to the vital organs. OptiPure developed a new natural product to help reduce visceral fat. When they were ready to introduce it, they called on us.

The product, called Viscerol AI, is a patented, all-herbal composition. It showed significant reduction of visceral fat in several human clinical studies. We were asked to launch the product to coincide with the opening of an important trade show. Our first task of positioning the product relative to its competitors in the marketplace was unique because there were virtually no competitors. Next we designed the brand ID. Then, we designed a brochure and simultaneously created an ad campaign for both print and online media. Finally, we designed POS materials for the trade show.

The product was well received at the show. It did require the sales reps to give extra education about the problem that the product solves, because the category was so new.

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