Nuevo Grille Tamales Get Boost From New Packaging Design

Nuevo GrilleĀ® makes restaurant-quality frozen Mexican food products for retail and club grocery store chains. Its products can be described as bold, exciting and flavorful. It needed a package design that communicates these attributes, when it launched its latest line of frozen tamales.

We had previously designed other packaging for Nuevo Grille, so we were familiar with the communication strategy of the brand. The tamales are offered in three different fillings: pork, chicken and chili-cheese. So our first step was to devise a color scheme for each of the three fillings. Next came the photo shoot, where we shot each type of tamale with the plate and foreground prop in the corresponding color chosen in the scheme. We made the tamales look as appealing as possible by careful attention to detail with the food styling and art direction during the photo shoot. Finally, we designed the packages for the three fillings using the photography, color scheme and a consistent type treatment.

The final packaging system communicates one consistent brand of tamales yet makes it easy to distinguish between the three different fillings. This helps facilitate first-time and repeat consumer buying behavior.

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