Nuevo Grille Launches New Product With Help From Bentley Brands

Nuevo Grille® makes restaurant-quality frozen Mexican food products for retail and club grocery store chains. Their products can be described as bold, exciting and flavorful. They needed a package design that communicates these attributes, when they launched their latest product, Mini Sopes. These small treats are usually served as an appetizer or snack.

As Nuevo Grille®’s branding agency, we had already completed our Brand IlluminationTM session with them. So we started right away with design exploration, in which we examined typefaces and colors that communicate traditional Mexican motifs. We decided on a bright yellow and red color scheme combined with a bold eccentric typeface to make the package eye-catching on the retail shelf. Next came the photo shoot, where we tried myriad different garnishes on the snack-sized sopes to get the most appetizing shot.

The resulting packaging design vividly touts the brand’s attributes of bold, exciting and flavorful Mexican food, while making these tasty snacks seem irresistible.

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