New Natural Product Gets Launch From Bentley Brands

Millions of American baby boomers who have led active lifestyles are beginning to age now and experience joint inflammation. OptiPureTM developed a new product to help this inflammation. When they were ready to introduce it, they called on us.

The product, called IncaCartilagoTM, is an extract from Humboldt squid cartilage. It offers superior anti-inflammatory qualities for joints and also bones. We were asked to launch the product to coincide with the opening of an important trade show. Our first task was to position this product relative to its competitors in the marketplace. Then we designed the brand ID. In our next task, we designed a brochure and simultaneously created an ad campaign for both print and online media. Finally, we designed POS materials for the trade show.

The product was well received at the show and has been gaining traction in the marketplace ever since.

Bentley Brands is an Orange County-based advertising and graphic design agency that helps clients grow their brands through unique, effective and highly personalized services.

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