Is Your Web Site ADA Compliant?

You’re methodical about updating your web site. You post content on your blog. You add new products and update descriptions and photos for existing products. But there may be one thing you’re overlooking. Have you been keeping your site compliant with the ADA?

The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, or the ADA, is a federal law that prohibits discrimination against a person based on a disability. An ADA disability includes blindness or visual impairment among other things. The act requires that business owners make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities in places like restaurants, hotels, theaters, etc. But in 1990, when the Act was passed, web sites did not exist. In recent years, there has been some case law on the ADA and how it applies to web sites, but Congress hasn’t clarified the law nor has the Department of Justice issued guidance on it. This loophole in the Act allows someone to sue an unwitting web site owner. And this has unleashed a torrent of ADA plaintiff lawyers across the country.

The good news is there are many low-cost things you can do to enhance the accessibility of your site to make you less of a target. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you make your web site more ADA compliant.

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