Guzen Development Makes Important First Impression

When three partners launched their startup company, Guzen Development, they had to do a lot of important things at once. One of those things fell through the cracks – being ready to exhibit at their industry’s big annual trade show. They called on us to help. They understood the benefit of working with a marketing agency that could offer design of the display graphics and sale of the display hardware, all in the same package. We are an authorized distributor of a national display hardware manufacturer. So we can flatten lead times by handling design and hardware at the same time.

In spite of intense time pressure, the quality of the finished product was flawless. We attribute this to our internal design process that has multiple proofing steps. Large-format design cannot be proofed on the monitor. We review paper proofs with the client, beginning with quarter sized and progressing to full sized. Our manufacturer also makes a color proof printed on the actual substrate so we can accurately assess color fidelity. Each step in this process had been listed in advance on a progress chart, which helped us meet the deadline.

We offer many sizes and styles of trade show displays. Guzen Development chose a pop-up system. This display utilizes graphic panels that attach to an aircraft aluminum frame. The entire system packs into a carrying case that also serves as a pedestal. It can be assembled in about one hour and without the use of any tools.

The display arrived at Guzen Development’s office on schedule – about one week before the trade show. This allowed them time to get acquainted with unpacking and assembling the display. With their new trade show display, they made an important first impression on their industry.

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