ColorMaker Promotional Box

ColorMaker makes custom, plant-based color blends for industrial food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical clients. They wanted a promotional box consisting of 6 color samples to send to customers and prospects. They knew if they could get their color samples in front of their prospects, they would want to place an order. They came to us to design this promotional set.

Our concept was a box with 6 clear jars of colors. To showcase these beautiful natural colors, we sourced 1-ounce glass jars with smooth white lids. Then we designed custom labels to fit the proportion of these jars while still allowing the colors to show through. Once we had the jars, we designed a custom box to house the 6 jars. The inside of the box is separated into 6 compartments via slotted inserts. The inside top flap of the box has a grid of 6 matching colors and their corresponding formula numbers. The box material is smooth white chipboard.

ColorMaker showed the sample box to their sales team, and it was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. They commented that the professional design would appeal to buyers in the personal care industry, and they were eager to hit the road and start calling on accounts with these new sample boxes.

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ColorMaker sample box
ColorMaker sample box and sample jars
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