stacks of bundled plastic waste

Completing the Plastic Packaging Circle

These days, you can’t walk through a natural products grocery store without noticing the endless displays of food products packaged in plastic clamshells and non-recyclable stand-up pouches. For the food product manufacturer, they’re strong, light and cheap. For the consumer, they’re convenient. But for the planet, they’re bad. And that affects us all. In 2014, … Read more

photo of finished trade show booth

Putting More Play in Display

ColorMaker needed a display to showcase their plant-based natural color brand at an upcoming trade show. They had a small budget and wanted something they could set up themselves without having to hire the convention center’s GSC (general service contractor). Included in their 10’ by 10’ space was a table with a height of 42”, … Read more

collagen bottles

Say G’day to a New Brand of Collagen

Our industrial-age diet is deficient in many nutrients, one of which is collagen. In pre-industrial times we consumed more collagen because it’s abundant in soups, stews, and broth, which we ate more of back then. Collagen is beneficial for healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints. Complete Collagen Complex developed an Austailian-sourced, liquid shot formula … Read more

ColorMaker Sample Box

ColorMaker Promotional Box

ColorMaker makes custom, plant-based color blends for industrial food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical clients. They wanted a promotional box consisting of 6 color samples to send to customers and prospects. They knew if they could get their color samples in front of their prospects, they would want to place an order. They came to us to … Read more


Feeling Drained from Statins?

If you started taking statins recently you may notice muscle pain or weakness and fatigue. These are common side effects of this class of drug, which is routinely prescribed to treat high cholesterol. So what causes these side effects? It’s a little molecule called coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Turns out, CoQ10 is essential for healthy muscle … Read more

recycle logo

California’s New Plastic Recycling Laws

Ever see that triangular, chasing arrows symbol on a plastic container and wonder what exactly does it mean? Of course, it must have something to do with recycling. But what do those numbers mean in the middle of the triangle? If you’re like most people you’re not sure, so you toss the empty container in … Read more

empty plate with hands holding knife and fork

Fasting: What’s Old is New

One of the latest trends in the health and wellness field is fasting. Fasting, the intentional suspension of eating, even when food is available, has been practiced for religious purposes for thousands of years. Aside from the spiritual benefit, could there also be a health benefit? According to those who are in on this trend … Read more

hands scooping powder in a lab

You wouldn’t fill your car up with kerosene. So why take an adulterated nutritional supplement?

A well-respected nutritional supplement brand conducted tests on some other supplements being sold on Amazon. The results may surprise you. For the study, NOW, a nutritional supplement company based in Bloomindale, IL, tested 23 unfamiliar brands of turmeric extract sold on Amazon. When tested for heavy metals (the toxin – not the music), the average of the … Read more

hands on keyboard typing

What Are Words For?

“Do you hear me? Do you care?”—The Missing PersonsThe notion of a blog started out as a great idea. A channel for a writer to publish a column when and how he or she liked. A channel that was distributable to an infinite audience, essentially for free. And it was free for the audience to … Read more

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