Bentley Brands Wraps Up Packaging Design on New Food Product

TortillaLand® makes fresh uncooked tortillas that you simply heat in a skillet and serve. The product is sold in the refrigerated section of club grocery store chains and has enjoyed remarkable sales growth over the years. Management wanted to create a brand extension that would take advantage of the consumer trend of healthier diets including multigrain carbohydrate choices. Their new product was Multi-Grain Wraps, and they asked us to design its packaging.

Our Brand Illumination session with the client revealed that the look and feel of this package design needed to be completely different from the tortilla packaging. This package should feel contemporary, light and natural. The wraps should not be portrayed as Mexican food but rather as healthy, Mediterranean-inspired fare.

Our initial design comps utilized clean lines, geometric shapes, contemporary sans serif typefaces and natural colors such as yellows and greens. We included graphic devices to communicate the health benefits of the ingredients of these wraps, such as canola oil and flax seed. Our next task was the original photography session, where we chose a hardwood cutting board as the background and yellow and green plates as props. Then we filled the wraps with chicken and fresh vegetables and garnished the plates with fruit.

The final packaging uses design elements, copy and photography to successfully communicate a healthy bread alternative.

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