Bentley Brands Rebrands Cyvex Nutrition

Cyvex Nutrition® supplies ingredients to the dietary supplements industry. Their marketing communications are business-to-business as their target market is R&D, marketing and purchasing professionals in the dietary supplements industry. They contacted us while searching for a graphic design agency with multidisciplinary experience.

Our Challenge

Cyvex Nutrition had grown and launched many new products over the years. They developed some of their marketing materials in-house. Other materials were created by a series of different outside firms. The result was a mixture of inconsistent brand communications. Our challenge was to develop a new brand strategy, and apply it to the new design of their brand I.D., tagline, marketing collateral and web site.

Our Solution

Our first step was to take Cyvex Nutrition through our process, BRAND ILUUMINATION.™ In this process we met with Cyvex Nutrition and identified their business strategy, target market, budget and industry characteristics. Next, we conducted internal and external reviews of their brand. Then, we combined all of these inputs to establish a brand strategy and communications objective. Then we proceeded to the individual projects.


The first project we worked on was the logo. While we felt there was considerable equity in the current logo, as they had used it for many years, we also saw some of its shortcomings. One drawback was that the starburst didn’t reproduce well in small sizes like on a business card or in an inexact printing process like flexography (the process for printing on corrugated cardboard boxes).

We also felt Cyvex Nutrition has a unique brand equity in their signature products, each of which has its own logo. All of the logos have a common element: a stylized calligraphic swash. We noticed that the current logo didn’t relate to the logos of the signature products. During this process, we thought that it should relate.

In our logo solution, we retained the basic letterforms and colors from the original logo to preserve the brand equity, but we removed the starburst graphic that limited its use in different media. Next we gave the diagonal stroke of the X the same calligraphic quality as in the logos of Cyvex Nutrition’s signature products.


For our next project, we rewrote the tagline after Cyvex Nutrition asked us to emphasize quality and innovation. Our solution: Where Innovation and Quality are the First Ingredients. We incorporated Cyvex Nutrition’s request to mention quality and innovation and we used a word that relates to the business that they’re in — ingredients. As you can see, the word ingredients can be taken literally and figuratively.

Visual Motif

In developing visual concepts for the web site, our goal was to design motifs that we could universally apply to any marketing materials. We applied our solution, the grid concept, not only to the web site, but also to marketing collateral, packaging, trade show booths and print advertising.

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