Bentley Brands Helps Cyvex Launch New Product

Cyvex Nutrition supplies high-quality, innovative ingredients to the dietary supplements industry. A GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-certified firm, Cyvex takes great care in maintaining its reputation for safety and efficacy. When it develops a new product, it not only tests the product thoroughly, it also invests in the product’s branding and marketing. Cyvex called on us to help launch its newest product, Alfapro, an alfalfa extract.

Cyvex had already named the new product, and its legal team was filing the trademark application. So our first assignment was to develop a brand ID. Next, we designed marketing collateral, and finally we created a print ad to launch the new product.

The product launch was a success, both because of its own merits as a new product with an unparalleled nutritional profile and because of the boost it received from our branding and marketing efforts.

Bentley Brands is an Orange County-based brand communications firm that helps clients grow their brands through unique, effective and highly personalized services.

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