Bentley Brands Creates New Packaging for TortillaLand

TortillaLand makes fresh uncooked tortillas that you simply heat in a skillet and serve. It is a great product with very few competitors in its category and had done quite well in the club channel for many years. The product is sold in the refrigeration section of the store, and the consumers at the club stores know where to find it. But when TortillaLand prepared to enter the retail store channel, they knew a whole new market of consumers awaited – if they could find it.

Tortillas are typically merchandised in bags stacked flat on the shelf, usually on the end of an aisle. So a consumer who is looking for tortillas might not look in the refrigerated section where our product is shelved. We had to create a packaging system that would stand out better than a simple polybag but would keep the product fresh. Our solution was a polybag inside a paperboard box.

The box was just big enough to house the bag of tortillas and had a window in the front panel to show the product. We know that color is vital to attracting consumer attention, so we shelf-tested numerous color combinations, before selecting a bright primary yellow and red color pallet. Not content with just testing on the shelf, we conducted consumer focus group testing to preview several design alternatives. We even added a QR code to make it easier for the consumer to engage with the brand. The final package design was bold, attractive and purposeful.

The product is now on retail store shelves across the country. The boxes are far more visible than polybags. The product is selling well, and the response on social media has been very favorable. New flavors and varieties have been added, and more new stores are stocking the product.

Bentley Brands is an Orange County-based advertising and graphic design agency that helps clients grow their brands through unique, effective and highly personalized services.

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