Bentley Brands Creates Direct Mail Ad Campaign for Wave Imaging

Wave Imaging provides document scanning and digital archiving services for document-intensive companies. Their services are complex, costly and time-consuming to implement. Therefore, the most effective way of marketing their services to new prospects was to hold informational seminars. But how they went about advertising those seminars wasn’t very effective. That’s when they called us.

Direct mail advertising can be an effective method of reaching a target audience in a business-to-business channel. But it has to be done correctly. Wave Imaging was sending letters stuffed in company envelopes, with no information on the outside other than the return address. Their response rate wasn’t stellar.

We advised them to change the format to an oversized card. Then we created unique, compelling messages on the front of the cards and bullet-point information on the back. For the campaign, we created four unique messages to coincide with their four planned mailings that year.

The ad campaign was an enormous success. The first mailing brought in 260% more attendees than the previous mailing that they did without us.

Bentley Brands is an Orange County-based advertising and graphic design firm that helps clients grow their brands through unique, effective and highly personalized services.

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