Bentley Brands Creates Brand Identity for Circle Foods

Circle Foods manufactures and markets a variety of fresh, frozen and specialty packaged food products. As a business entity, Circle Foods grew by acquiring several established food companies. While these companies already had their own brand identities, Circle Foods’ brand hadn’t been developed yet. The management of the company made the strategic decision to consolidate the brands under a new Circle Foods brand identity and web site. They needed a multidisciplinary branding design firm. That’s where we came in.

Our first step was to take Circle Foods through our process, BRAND ILLUMINATION.TM In this process, we met with management and identified their business strategy, target market, budget and industry characteristics. Next, we conducted internal and external reviews of their brand. Then, we combined all of these inputs to establish a brand strategy and communications objective. Then we proceeded to the individual projects below.

The first brand element we created was the new Circle Foods logo. After reviewing several rough executions, Circle Foods selected one and we finished its final form. Then we developed a color palette and connected their tagline to the new logo to form a signature.

To be consistent with their strategy, we developed a design hierarchy of displaying the Circle Foods logo first and the product brands logos second. We employed this hierarchy on the design of their business cards, web site, sales collateral and trade show booth.

Circle Foods began leveraging its new brand identity immediately after its launch. Its management exhibited at a trade show with their new booth, the sales force began making sales calls with the new sales collateral and we helped them drive traffic to the new web site.

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