Bentley Brands Creates Ad Campaign for OptiPure

OptiPure supplies high-quality, clinically tested ingredients to the nutritional supplements industry. They found us while looking for an advertising agency to create an ad campaign to generate interest and stimulate sales of their product GlucoHelp, a botanical that helps lower blood sugar.

GlucoHelp’s unique selling proposition (USP) is that it has the highest concentration of the active ingredient, corosolic acid, compared to any other competing product. In effect, it’s the strongest product on the market. Our objective was to communicate this USP in a compelling way. Of the several concepts that we presented, OptiPure chose the one with a classic strong man versus skinny kid metaphor. We modernized this metaphor by using a mixed martial arts champ as the strong man.

The campaign, which ran in a variety of trade publications, has been met with a very positive response.

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