Bentley Brands Creates Ad Campaign for Cybernet

Cybernet makes novel small-footprint PCs for businesses where desktop space is limited. Taking up less space than a traditional tower PC system, Cybernet’s PCs are ideal for teller stations in banks, nursing stations in hospitals and cashier stands in retail stores. They called on us to create an ad campaign that would communicate the benefits of these PCs in a compelling way.

We presented several arresting concepts centered on the product’s unique benefit of saving space. Once the client chose a concept, we designed a visual motif for the campaign and continued to use the motif for subsequent motifs. We recommend this approach for clients with small media budgets because the visual consistency helps the ad reach the audience more effectively.

The ad campaign ran in both consumer and trade publications and led to increased sales. When new clients called Cybernet for the first time, they were asked how they had heard of Cybernet. Many times they cited the advertising.

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