CLIENT: Color Garden

PROJECT: Color Garden is a brand of natural, 100% plant-based food colors for consumers who enjoy baking. Their web site was outdated and not optimized for mobile devices. They needed a new site where the user could navigate easily to many different levels of information on any kind of device: desktop, tablet or smartphone. They came to us for help.

Our first step was to analyze the user experience (UX) of the old site. From there we saw what information was readily accessible and what was not. Then we redesigned the UX architecture to make it seamless and intuitive. Included in this was designing how the site would display when viewed on a desktop, tablet and smartphone device.

Our next step was to design the visuals of the site. Color Garden had invested in professional photography and we felt it was important to show it off. After all, their product is a visual one. Next, we utilized the design elements such as typeface and color palette from the their brand identity and packaging which we had designed previously. The site started coming together.

Finally we had to make sure everything worked with the back end. By working closely with the programming team we got the image galleries, shopping cart and other widgets working properly. After testing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and a little bit of tweaking, the new site went live.

CLIENT: ColorMaker

PROJECT: ColorMaker formulates and sells custom 100% plant-based food colors in the business-to-business channel. They needed a site that would make it easy for the user to leave color target values for the company to prepare a quote for. We designed this site with a simple-to-use color formulator guide. The user can simply drag and drop a color reference file, say a photograph, and ask ColorMaker to match it.

CLIENT: Nourished Foods

PROJECT: As part of our rebranding of Nourished Foods, we created a visual motif consisting of hand-painted grass with a blue-sky background. Then we used this motif in the design of a brochure and a web site.

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